In the Hiphop underground scene, there is a new mover and shaker best known as Yannick Phillippe aka Nickfill a Nigerian/French Rapper born(June,11,1989) in Ivry Sur Seine, France and the only child of Philip .C. Iwuegbu (Nigerian) and Jessica.B. Sowe (gambian). Fell in-love with Rap music at the age of 12 and started his music career in the early 2000 recording on a Virtual DJ in his house, then went on to hook up with a Talented producer called'' swaps on the mix '' who mixed and mastered the single'' swag on fire'' in the year 2011, Nickfill desired to stand out from other independent upcoming artists and that’s when he began to write his own rap songs.


Swag on fire ( online video) Nickfill



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